I have written a number of articles dealing with themes at the intersection between critical sociology and psychotherapy. The most recent one, available here, is called “Psychic Landscapes, Worker Organizing and Blame. Uljanik and the 2018 Croatian Shipbuilding Crisis.”

Along with my colleague Morana Trenta, we have founded a collective called Dinamika. We are interested in researching the topics such as the following:

  • confront power dynamics and hierarchies in therapy, offering alternative models and approaches
  • displace a tendency among some therapists to focus on a client’s individual responsibility, emphasizing instead the importance of shared and/or collective responsibility in the therapeutic encounter
  • analyze the implications of therapists’ background for therapeutic practice, given that it is often identified as white, middle-class and female
  • foreground a more diverse set of backgrounds and practices
  • disrupt medicalizing and pathologizing approaches, typified by the DSM-V manual
  • open up progressive therapeutic models to wider audiences
  • explore the relationship between social activism and therapy
  • examine the interface between critical psychotherapy and critical sociology